Classes designed to kick you into shape

Personal Training

JCP Fitness has some of the most educated, diverse, and experienced personal trainers in the industry. We have team members who have successfully trained and prepared college athletes, bodybuilders, armed forces members, marathon runners, healthcare professionals and the average person looking to shed a few pounds. We can develop a fitness plan for you no matter your schedule or goals.

Aerobic Fitness

Imagine burning 700-900 calories in an hour while releasing stress and having fun! Engage your mind and build up your endurance.

Weight Training

A great tool for every fitness level. With goals and methods designed to improve strength, conditioning and instill confidence, anaerobic training is a modern art for all. You’ll have more endurance and get swole.

Sports Performance

We have created a superior and proven method for developing and maintaining the performance of elite professional athletes. Furthermore, we build the foundations of amateur and youth athletes, preparing them for their future careers.